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Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021

Accordion to research, 9 out of 10 people don't notice when you replace words with the names of random musical instruments.

Other spudies suggest that most people don't notice potato puns either.

Friday, 19 Mar 2021

This movie came to Netflix in September 2020.

I watched Ryan Gosling play the part of Neil Armstrong. I think he does a great job of playing the steely eyed missile man.

Gosling portrays a man who contains his emotions from everyone more and more as the moon shot approaches, and he does not engage much in small talk.
Interestingly, the movie portrays Buzz Aldrin as a bit of a douche bag, who blurts out insensitive things at the wrong moments. And you really feel for the wives in this adventure, as they bear the strain of their spouses going off to space and risking their lives.

It struck me that in the end the somewhat Aspie personality traits that these men possibly had may have contributed to the success of the Apollo program and ultimately the successful landing on the Moon.

While it was hardly an unalloyed "feel good" movie, this was an ultimately uplifting and optimistic watch. Beacon