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"It's: 'with whom I live,' Perkins."(Comments RSS)

I have been researching camcorders on the internet and I recently sent an inquiry through the "Contact Us" form at an online electrical retailer, namely

I sent this through over the Bank Holiday weekend break, on the Monday just passed. Even though the main page advertised that the shop was open for business, I did not expect a reply straight away. Yesterday (Thursday) I decided that I was now officially cross not to have received a reply and told them so, again using the same contact form on their website. I got a reply this morning, which included this:-

I am sorry but we appear not to of received any previous email from you. We
do try to answer every mail from customers and potential customers.

Argh, now they've put me in a spot. I cannot continue to be upset about the delay - mistakes happen and they've apologised - but now I have to decide if I am more enraged by the non-clause in the first sentence?

"We appear not to of received any previous email from you." What?

Thank you, Shirley Williams; thank you, Tony Bliar.

It's an outrage! People these days don't know their verbs from their nouns. I should coco.

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