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Saturday, 21 Jan 2017

These two examples of the Big Man's talent need to be curated.

Parisienne Walkways - Live

Still Got The Blues - Live

I admire John Petrucci's playing massively. I confess that I did not expect to like this rendition of "Purple Rain" when I realised that there was no vocal and it was a purely for-guitar arrangement; as much as I love guitar, I thought this song needed the vocals.

How wrong I was. From the second phrase in, I realised that he was making his guitar speak the lyrics quite expressively enough, thank you very much.

This is "Purple Rain" as you have never heard it before, rendered unbearably beautifully by the masterful John Petrucci. Enough to get you tearing up, when you reflect on Prince's recent untimely demise.

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017

Some rather beautiful musical meanderings here from The Robert Fripp String Quintet, performing back in the day.. Beacon