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Sunday, 25 Oct 2009

I was looking at the Downing Street web site ( today.

Under the heading "Around the Web" I found a link to this Flickr page:-

Here's the picture:-

Gordon Brown tours Wakefield city centre, after visiting the town hall for a meeting on crime, 22 October 2009, PA copyright.

I think this is a pretty "muscular politics" picture - or maybe is it just plain aggressive? I think Gordon Brown is saying something like, "See you, Jimmy!"

The fellow to Gordon Brown's right looks kind of handy... He seems to be addressing the lady behind them both in a way which has taken her back. It's like he's challenging her - "What are you lookin' at?!"

I also think the shop frontage in the background is poignant: I see a branch of the ill-fated Bradford and Bingley - one of the banks that got flattenned in the aftermath of the credit crunch, following the many year's of Gordon's "No More Boom and Bust" economic stewardship. Perhaps this was the cause of the less-than-at-ease atmosphere that I detect in the photograph.

Useful Reference:-
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