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Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013

I confess I borrowed the album "The Bears" from a friend many years ago and have still to return it. It was so long ago that it is a vinyl record.

I love the music on this album. I knew Adrian Belew from his work on the three King Crimson albums from the early 1980s. He and Fripp made a great combo in the guitar realm. King Crimson was an altogether disciplined affair and you could tell. This Bears album has a diffrent sound.

Then I ran across this incarnation of Belew, running the musical numbers and turning them on their side with some different musicians. It's a pop/rock album of sorts but it is sufficiently unusual to catch the interest. The impression I get from this album is that it's much more comfortable than his Crimson work. I get the sense a bunch of musicians who are so totally on top of their game that they can lay down those tunes as tight as a gnat's chuff while all the time kicking back. They sound so relaxed yet completely together.

It's a joy.

And here's the bonus. This link will play you not only the whole of the album "The Bears", but also this other album I was not aware of - "Rise and Shine", which sounds just so great as well.

Double joy.

This is music you can listen to and enjoy or just slap on in the background and feel good to. Go on - try it!

Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013

A friend commented on Facebook first thing this morning:-

We have more brain cells as a newborn baby than we will ever have again. Depressing.

My thoughts in response to this are as follows.

It does seem depressing, specifically that decay sets in as soon as the initial product (the person) is formed. But perhaps this is Nature's in-built resilience providing well for us. Furthermore, the efficacy of the brain improves (or can improve) with time, as the innumerable interconnections within it increase.

An individual spends his whole life filling his mind, potentially amassing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, only for it to be mostly lost when that person dies. Now that's what I find depressing.

Saturday, 16 Nov 2013

Does this make you realise you need to see this movie again...?

Sunday, 10 Nov 2013

Here is a priceless clip from this classic movie. Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman deliver such comic genius in their facial expressions and perfect timing of their lines.

Monday, 4 Nov 2013