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Sunday, 24 Mar 2013

Just been shown this "extended" version of the Knife Scene with from Jim Cameron's movie, Aliens.

Need. To. Share.

Aw, frakk! - that version has gone away. Enjoy this one instead! -

Saturday, 23 Mar 2013

This is The Atrium, my town's local entertainments and restaurants centre. It's funny if this "lighting effect" on the sign is an accident; it's even better if it's intentional! Your actual quality.

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2013

Since I am a Roman Catholic, the notion of reincarnation is for me relegated to the category of "interesting beliefs of other people". However, if that concept were on the Smörgåsbord of belief systems recommended to me by my elders, I would surely be hoping that I could be re-born as a guitar player of the ilk of Marco Sfogli.

If you are a lover of music, I defy you not to be entranced by this transportative piece . If you are also a guitar player or guitar enthusiast, I defy you not to be dazzled by the wonderfretting that awaits you if you click below.

I defy you also not to be uplifted by the optimism imbued in the music. I find it very moving and it gets me close to tears - in a good way.


Sunday, 3 Mar 2013

I. Was. There. Beacon