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Monday, 30 Dec 2013

What the feck is going on?

Sunday, 29 Dec 2013

It's great to see US cops behaving brilliantly. I think I get what the guys taking the video are about but in my view the cop owns them. He's the one being reasonable and really he shows them up as jerks.

Monday, 23 Dec 2013

Science and Philosophy Spot. I heard on a programme on Radio 4 someone mention the "invention" of electricity. Immediately in my mind I saw the image of lightning illuminating a landscape, and it led me to this thought: Electricity was not invented. I might go further and say it wasn't really even discovered, as such (ref my lightning example above).

I'd say the invention was the *harnessing* of electricity. And perhaps the discovery was the figuring out how that bad boy works. Differences. Big. Huge.

Thursday, 19 Dec 2013

"No good deed goes unpunished"
— my father-in-law, Brian Potter
15-May-1939 - 18-Oct-2013

Monday, 16 Dec 2013

Never heard of Hydria before this evening. Taking a YouTube trip down the Genesis Memory Lane I ran across this cover version of Entangled from the wonderfully beautiful and wistful album A Trick of the Tail. They offer some interesting twists and turns on the original, including a contemporary mildly metal injection.

Enjoy. Beacon