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Friday, 28 Oct 2005

Charlotte Church gets a hammering by Angel Face Tweedy.

I don't know how long this link will last:-

so here is the transcript from NTL World's gossip column:-

Cheryl Tweedy has reopened her war of words with Charlotte Church, criticising her failed "publicity stunts" and a fair bit more.

"She's a nasty little piece of work with a fat head," the uncompromising Girls Aloud beauty told The Sun. "Her publicity stunts slagging everyone off haven't worked. I don't know who she and her scabby boyfriend think they are. He's a posing idiot who looks like a girl. And she's not even gorgeous."

Cheryl went a step further by laying into Charlotte's rugger boyfriend Gavin Henson branding him a "pretty boy."

Tweedy first had a pop at Church for "using our old sound" as she put it a few months ago.

Apparently Charlotte's "stunts slagging everyone off haven't worked". So Cheryl is having a go herself. I wonder if it is working any better for her.

Frankly, having someone like Cheryl Tweedy slating you can't be such a bad thing, in my opinion.

For some reason unexplained and unknown to me, she feels it necessary to say nasty things about Charlotte Church's boyfriend, describing him as "scabby". I don't known if he has scabs but if he does have an unfortunate, scabrous skin condition, is that a nice thing to draw attention to? And what is its relevance? And heck! - Charlotte herself is not even gorgeous, so we had better all hate her, right? Err... I've lost the line of the argument now.

Anyway, apparenty, according to Tweedy, Charlotte has a "fat head". So I ask, why does she want to draw attention to this alleged fact? Is that a kind and noble thing to do?

I suppose that Cheryl Tweedy might indeed find herself more naturally (or perhaps surgically) allocated to the "babe" category than poor old Charlotte Church. And, indeed, Charlotte Church can no longer (and probably no longer wants to) rely on being in the "winsome" category. In fact, I wonder why anyone feels the need to have a go at Charlotte Church. She opens her mouth and what comes out speaks pretty voluminously for itself. But at least she can sing well.

But really this is pretty tawdry stuff. If Cheryl Tweedy is as smashing and goreous as she must surely think she is, she would in my view not feel the need to resort to bitching about another young celebrity.

Now I feel the need to go bash a public lavatorty attendant. Beacon