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Monday, 29 Aug 2011

Someone had to write this article. I wish it had been me, but at least this way I was saved the work.

This article describes some grammatical goofs that get my personal goat. But it's not just a rant; it's informative too.


Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb

Monday, 15 Aug 2011

A piece of the past comes to meet me and be my friend....

The Blue Nile meets Bladerunner. I admit that I wish that I had thought to compare the two.

"How do I know you feel it?
How do I know it's true?"

"How can it not know what it is?"

Sunday, 14 Aug 2011

A beautiful cover of a beautiful song...


Apparently this is by a Canadian band that went by the name of Grace Pool but which is now defunct. I have managed to find very little about them on the Googlenet. Shame!

I am wondering what else they did.
My two little kids were watching an episode of the children's telly programme, Olivia this morning.
In this episode Olivia (an animated pig) and her sibling are imagining a trip to the planets of the outer solar system.

I was in the adjoining room so I was not following the details but at one point I heard my boy cry out:-

"You can't land on Neptune! You'd just sink into it."

That's my boy! Beacon