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Thursday, 14 Jan 2016

Disappointed to find out this morning - not because I was contacted but because *I called* - that my order form 9 days ago has not shipped and that the prices will not be honoured as quoted in my order after I entered a voucher code for a discount. Is this even legal?

Also advised that one of the items is not available. The website did not tell me this and I received no out-of-stock email notification. Had this item been unavailable when I attempted my order, I would have abandoned the whole order and gone elsewhere because it was a must-have item. So now I am set to receive less than what I ordered and at a greater price.

Frankliln Covey UK once again demonstrates that they do not have a credible online presence. And I am reminded of why I stopped ordering from them a few years ago. Nothing's changed.

I shall be returning to Day Timer for my dated materials in future.

Tuesday, 5 Jan 2016

I expect this is what I will feel like on my first day back at work after the Christmas holiday tomorrow. Beacon