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Saturday, 28 Mar 2015

Katy Perry is great. Great looking gal and fun pop songs and all that. But this girl, Andie Case and her boys do an amazing re-interpretation of the song that makes it more interesting and gives it some weight.The fact that she's extremely easy on the eyes does her her no harm, obviously, but I think she actually makes the song sound more like a proper song, rather than a slightly over-the-top bubble-gum pop anthem.

See what you think.

Sunday, 15 Mar 2015

How irritatingly shit is this?

To UK readers:-

Having difficulty figuring out who should get your vote this May? I don't blame you!

Guardian article on Tories' plan to further privatise the NHS

Exposed: UKIP's NHS Privatisation Agenda

Lies, damned lies and politcal parties' policies

Paul Nuttall's deleted post: Why isn’t anyone discussing the NHS?

Paul Nuttall's deleted post: NHS Reform

I'd like to help him out:-

Thursday, 12 Mar 2015

Russell Brand gets a figurative and well-deserved slap.

I have a sneaking admiration for John Lydon.

"Anarchists can't get anywhere without motorways."

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

How much feeling can a man pack into a song? More than I thought possible. Beacon