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Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013

Here's Gene Wilder responding to a random collection of questions.

It's quite a gentile interview.

A great heart-to-heart moment from the movie, Blazing Saddles.

The sentiment is so true.

Sunday, 13 Oct 2013

Here is some super footage of King Crimson playing live from their 1980s period.

What hits me specially in this performance is how relaxedly on top of their game the musicians are. Their musicianship is technically superlative yet they really do make it look so easy, like they are just jamming away and having a blast.

Saturday, 12 Oct 2013

Here's some interview footage from 1966 with Carl Sagan talking about UFOs. He makes some refreshing and insightful points about the low likelihood of aliens visiting the Earth, specially based on the alleged numbers of visitations, without taking a dogmatic position, all the while "keeping it Science"...

I just have to collect these as I find them.

I'd never heard of this band before 5 minutes ago, and stumbled on to them while looking up some "Back to the Future" footage. Well, you can see how that happened...!

You will surely enjoy this! Beacon