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Saturday, 13 Nov 2010

There's the original.

And then there's the post-modern, industrial version.

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2010

I grew up on The Young Ones. What a lucky generation we were, to be treated to this seminal comedy form when it first hit our screens. One of my favourite moments was when Alexei Sayle, playing a friendly arms dealer, breaks into a "stream of consciousness" indulgence of Cockney Patois.


BALOWSKI: Awright me old trout and toolbox, how you doing, here y'are, here's me card, Reggie Balowski, International arms dealer, scrap metal merchant and French cabaret chanteuse. So, is that the atom bomb is it, eh? [sharp intake of breath, used car dealer style] Oooh, naaaa, not in that colour, you know what I mean. See, that bomb, to me it's worth, well, a pony, couple of tortoises at most. If you was doin' a part-ex on a Mini Metro, know what I mean right, I'd take about nine million off your hands. But as it is, know what I mean, so I cant help you really.
Still I got a few minutes, so I might as well indulge in a bit of Cockney patois, know what I mean? Cor blimey, knock it on the 'ead, do what, as it 'appens. Terrific, yeah... 'Ere, didn't you kill my bruvver? No it must have been me, sorry. Anyway, you seen them inflatable bridges? Cor, they're amazing aren't they? Bloody hell, skateboards? Thing of the past, yeah, absolutely, do leave off, knock it on the 'ead. I don't know who I am. Laugh? Laugh, I nearly went to Ethiopia. Second class of course. Know what I mean?
MIKE: Not really, no Reg.

BALOWSKI: Your a right little five speed gearbox aren't you. Here'y'are, Tell you what, right, Tell you what, come outside, Ill give you part-ex on a Reliant, right.

MIKE: Reliant eh?, I'll just get my coat. Reliant? Thats a three wheeler, innit?

BALOWSKI: Usually yeah yeah yeah. Beacon