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Saturday, 29 Nov 2014

Fame! I have made it to the Top Comments spot on YouTube, with a comment I made about a video of Nigel Farage's performance at the EU.

And here is the YouTube page. Whatever you think of Farage, he is entertaining.

Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

From the album "Journey Into The Morn" by Iona, this is a live rendition by the band of the track Inside my Heart.

The girl's vocals and the guitar player's electrifying chops are what make this band particularly special for me, and both resources are in ample measure in this performance.

Enjoy at your leisure.

I cannot resist adding this one - with Flight of the Wild Goose kicking off proceedings:-

Saturday, 15 Nov 2014

This is some nice slap 'n' tickle from Mark King. Old School.

Just so I can keep a reference to this lovely song by the musically amazing Alanis Morissette

Here is Alanis, being lovely:- Beacon