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Saturday, 23 Apr 2011

I remember hearing a live performance of this track, and three others, on Sounds of Jazz hosted by Peter Clayton on BBC Radio 3 in the early Eighties. The band was GLS and it was fronted by a guitarist named Brian Godding. I taped the session and listened to it many, many times. I had never heard music, specifically guitar playing, like this before.

I'm warmly thrilled to have found this version of this track here.


Sunday, 17 Apr 2011

As Adrian Belew sang, "It's a mean old world when you have to live with incompetence and indifference."

There are some things that really, really annoy me. One of them is the antisocial practice of littering in public, which is what was done by the driver of this BMW motor car moments before I took this photo yesterday afternoon. In this case it was a smoking cigarette dropped out the window.

The driver was happy to proffer this sparkling gift in the public domain so I am happy to give them the oxygen of publicity here.

Sunday, 10 Apr 2011

The "older generation" are wont to complain about how feckless the youngsters are nowadays. It ain't necessarily so.

Finding stuff like this provides a top-up for my confidence in the young people of our country and humanity in general.

Check it out:-

Thursday, 7 Apr 2011

I upgraded my mobile life with an HTC Desire Smartphone a few months back. I was reticent about making that leap from a phone with real buttons that you have to push to a slidy-tappy thing resembling the tricorder that Commander Data wields on Star Trek TNG. I did not know if I would get enough traction (literally) with the new way of working.

I've not really looked back. Sure, the greater sensitivity of the screen interface to my accidental swipes and mis-taps is annoying sometimes, but it's background noise.

The software world often defined by the die-hard fans vs the haters of one technology or another - e.g. Microsoft vs Non-Microsoft, Windows vs Linus. Interestingly, Techie people often have a dislike for some Microsoft products (specially Internet Explorer) yet they typically use a PC with Windows rather than a Mac. It's more hardcore.

The same demarkation is hapening with smartphones - here it is iPhones vs Android-based phones. It seems that techies tend to favour the HTC or other Android phone to an iPhone. The possibilities for apps is apparently greater with Andoid but Apple have focussed on the user interface and probably boast the better user experience.

Here is an interesting article I found about market share and the future of the different mobile OS technologies:-

Monday, 4 Apr 2011

Is it official? Beacon