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Saturday, 28 Jun 2014

As if there were not already sufficient reasons for wishing you were Robert Downey Jr... Damn.

Thursday, 12 Jun 2014

I like the moon...

Mind struggles to grasp
Moon rolling in an orbit;
Not hanging in space.

#MoonHaiku #Moon #Haiku

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014

Reading University posted this article on their own website:-


Over on Facebook, my friend Jonathan MacDonald published a brief Voice of Reason post:

Folks. Chatbot vs. Turing test. The Chatbot is not thinking in the cognitive sense. Pls avoid linkbait.

- which I can totally get behind. It got me thinking... and here are my thoughts:-

I think Turing's test was intended to highlight the fact that no-one could define or explain or measure cognition - real thinking - by offering instead a pragmatic, black-box type of test. It seems to me that he was saying, for all his mathematical and logical prowess, that the best discernment of "thinking" came from the gut - i.e. intuition (another thing we do not understand): If it sounds like thought and it smells like thought (to me) then maybe it is.

A: Is it a clock?
B: I can't tell you yet. I haven't opened it up and figured out how it works and if it has the bona fide workings of a clock inside it.
A: Well then - what time is it?
B: Oh...

FYI I do not mean in any way to laud the recent chatbox hypefest, specially as I found out that bellend Kevin Warwick was involved and spouting off.

Here's some more reading (no pun intended):-
No, A 'Supercomputer' Did NOT Pass The Turing Test For The First Time And Everyone Should Know Better

Sunday, 1 Jun 2014

Music is the spark of life within us. Without music we are dry sand, we are the desert. With music in us we are the Gardens at Kew, we are the rain forest.

I have a spare Nokia Lumia 620 mobile phone in mint condition and I was wondering if it had much of re-sell value. I naively typed "sell Nokia Lumia 620" into Google and found, at the top of the non-sponsored ads, a link to the website They claim:-

We compare more phone buyers than anyone else so you are guaranteed to get the most cash for your Nokia Lumia 620

They offered £25.25 for the phone. I was disappointed. It's not a current model but it really is not old and it runs WP 8.0 (and probably 8.1).

The website waxes on about how they work for you to get the best possible price from the best deals on the internet.

And yet less than two minutes later I had generated a quote from CEX (we have a local store in town, so I am familiar with them). They offered nearly twice as much - £46 for an A-grade Lumia 620.

I guess this shows that you can measure laziness in pounds Sterling. Beacon