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Monday, 19 Nov 2012

I thought I'd posted about this but I cannot find it. So here it is, possibly again.

Way back in 1990 or 1991, I watched a programme on the telly about music through the ages, or some such title. It was hosted by Nigel Kennedy and it ranged across some of the musical styles that he liked. I even recorded some of it on a VHS tape, that must be buried amongst my stuff somewhere. I confess to not remembering much of the content.

However, I do remember that at the end of the show he played a piece of music with some rock musicians to demonstrate his cross-over interests, and I absolutely loved it.

A few months ago I re-discovered this piece of music on YouTube. Kennedy had recorded a version on a subsequent solo album called Kafka in 1996. The piece is called Autumn Regrets and it is still haunting and superb.

Robert Fripp could easily be recognised for his ground-breaking, dissonant, industrial sounds and his flagrant challenges to regular harmonics and melodies. However, if you have listened to enough music by Fripp then you will know that his canvas is wide and his touch can be subtle and sublime.

This tune, from his album Exposure, is one such example.

I am not sure which category to which this YouTube clip belongs, but it is a song - so Music it is.

The Oatmeal is here:

Sarah Donner is here:

Their song is below here. It is rude. But it is so, so funny. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, 18 Nov 2012

Reps sit rep:-

I go to the gym.
Muscles scream and lungs explode.
Not why I do it.

- November 2012

Saturday, 17 Nov 2012

I was introduced to this genius music in the 1980s. So glad to find it still doing the rounds. Beautiful string work. So French. And in a good way.

First we have Nostalgia, which is a beautiful synth + violin piece:-

Then we have a terrific duet with the guitar maestro Allan Holdsworth, In Spite of All:-

Just to show he needs neither synth nor guitar accompaniment, here he is doing it unplugged:- Beacon