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Prescott in blow to school reform(Comments RSS)

I had to write something about this.

When you get a headline that says something like "Prescott in blow" you have to wonder if the fellow has twatted someone again. But no, in this case, the only twat is John Prescott himself.

Get the full story from the BBC here.

Don't misunderstand me; John Prescott actually went up in my estimation when he wellied into the bloke who egged him (or was it custard pie? I forget) in public. It was very straightforwad and honest of him. And I should probably have done the same or at least wished I had, if I had been in the same predicament.

No, really. But then, I am not in politics. And I am not the deputy Prime Minister of my country, so my responsibility to behave reasonably in public might be just a tad less, don't you think?

Prescott was, according to himself, an 11-Plus failure. But he did rise above his Secondary Modern constraints, studied at Ruskin College and got a degree subsequently from Hull University. The ideal of Secondary Modern schools was good but it is probably fair to say that the implementation was poor. If a basically bright kid failed to reach the standard in the 11-Plus, in many cases they did not get he best opportunity in life, if indeed getting the best opportunity is concomitant with an academic education. It is great that Prescott went on to better himself at Ruskin, after leaving Secondary education with next to no qualifications at 15 years of age. It does, however, frighten me crapless that a man so incapable of convincing me of his intelligent thought with any lucid speech actually got a degree. Something is wrong.

That Prescott is using the popular press to express his displeasure with his Prime Minister's education policy direction is interesting to say the least. His apparent loyalty to Blair to date has in my mind been inexplicable, knowing that had interstellar travel been possible the two men wold have been born in separate solar systems. Perhaps this is the final straw for Prescott, maybe he is throwing his toys out of the cot.

Perhaps - even - Prescott is an unwitting stool pigeon in a clever game of Bair's; I just do not know.

However, that the deputy Prime Minister is publicly expressiing his disagreement with his Prime Minister is just amazing. It's even more unprofessional, in my opinion, than the clear blue rift water separating Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

In another account of John Prescott's recent indescretions, we find that he is more comfortable with Class War.

He said:-
"I see a bit of 'class' is coming back now with Cameron and his outfit. The Eton Mafia. We [Labour] are always better against class. When it's a class issue.

"It's the Eton mob isn't it? They used to fight their wars on the Eton playing fields. Now they win elections on the Eton playing fields. I always feel better fighting class anyway - bring the spirit back into the Labour Party."

What the hell is he talking about?

"It's the Eton mob isn't it?" What is, exactly?

This is a man who publicly defines himself, and really the labour party itself, in terms of Class Struggle. I think this is a good enough excuse to disband the Labour Party, were the definition true. Hello John, Marx is dead, and so is his philosophy, you moron. If all you are is a violent reaction against something, how negative and uncreative is that? And moreover, if it is something that does not even exist any longer, then you're an anachronism. Class? What class?

This must be a fantastic representation of all that Tony "Pimp" Blair is trying to get away from. "New Labour" means "Not Old Labour", for sure, and John Prescott is making it so very clear that he is not New Labour here.

And anyway, while we're talking about class here, who the heck is driving the Jag? I mean, the Jags. Both of them. Not me, and I think I identify myself as one of those awfully terrible middle class people that benefitted from a Grammar School education who works hard, pays his taxes and struggles to raise a family in New Labour's Police State Britain, and whom Prescott is now attacking. The duplicitous hypocrite.

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