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Why shall I never again try to do business with I'll tell you.

The quick precis version is: My experience with them was a complete wate of my time and energy.

The longer version is that I found their non-human ordering system a complete balls up. Items went No Longer Available only after I had placed an order. They claimed that I would be charged only when an item was shipped; this was not true. The order system claimed to let me adjust my order before it had shipped; in fact I had to send several electronic messages to get refunds for charges they had made for items that I was not going to receive. Their customer service seems to be almost exclusively an autoresponder with a lobotomy for a heuristic.

After going back and forth with emails I eventually received a reasonable and apologetic email from a real human who, refreshingly, had neither rocks for brains nor a plank up their arse; they advised me that all my money was going to be refunded to my credit card and this happened.

Dabs appeal, I think, because they have what appears to be a slick online catalogue and aggressive prices. The online catalogue might be okay but the implementation of a workable business process sucks out loud. The low prices are not worth the potential hassle if eveything does not go smoothly and the customer service system is the aggressive part of the Dabs experience.

Dabs are a case for the rule of thumb which states that you get what youy pay for.

Hear me now. I would advise that you do not try to buy from Dabs. If you do and it all goes pear-shaped, remember that I warned you, I told you so and I have no symapthy.

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