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I have been following the sci-fii show, Outcasts on BBC 1. I hear that lots of people do not like it. I do not know hwat the overall reaction to it is but I actually enjoy it.

I have got wind that the show is unlikely to return for a sason 2 renewal and I am not happy about it. Here is the complaint I made to the BBC. It likely will make no difference to the decision they make but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Complaint type:Television
Programme title:Outcasts (Drama) (TV)
Transmission date:13/03/2011

Complaint summary:the apparent abandonment of a sci-fi show with potential

Full complaint:-


I am given to understand that this show was effectively abandoned after only four episodes, judging by its relegation to a dead slot on Sunday night, which caused me to miss its transmission incidentally.

This is the sort of nonsense that drives corporate, ratings-frenzy outfits like Fox TV in the USA - and which repeatedly disappoints and enrages fans of short-lived yet potentially excellent dramas. If you've stumped up the investment to build a first season of this show then at least stick with it and let it develop and gather an audience, rather than piss off the loyal audience that you do have. That's a suggestion, by the way.

Are you going to do the same to this show as you did to Defying Gravity and Survivors? - i.e. build up a bunch of ideas, characters and story arc possibilities only to leave them all dangling without resolution? The BBC is not about ratings. It's not about commercials. It is about quality shows that appeal to more than just the common denominator of Strictly Come X Factor on Ice. Or am I wrong?

-James Collett.

Receive a reply:Yes
Contacted us before:Yes
Complaint related to previous contact:No
First name:James
Under 13:No

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