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Friday, 5 May 2006

I have bought various bits of networking gear from in the past. They had a what appeared to be a pretty slick operation - nice, fully functional web site with online ordering, customer loyalty card, tech supportticketing system, professional call management, the full shooting match.

So imagine my surprise when I clicked on to their web site, at

and found that the company has ceased trading.

NEWS 09 July 2006

Here's an enormously funny development. The holding page that is now at has changed from an announcement that the company has closed to an advert offering the various "Nick Knows" brand domain names for sale. There must be 20 or so names on offer and they want upwards of �18,000 for the job lot.

Would you want to spend any money, let alone �18,000, for a bunch of defunct domain names? Or have I missed something?

NEWS 25 October 2006

Have I been unnecessarily cruel or harsh? Probably, so I apologise.

I saw and then accidentally deleted a comment here responding to my post above and complaining about me having a pop at the guys from Nick Knows. The deletion was done while I hurriedly removed e 50 or so spam posts on this thread and sadly I did not read the whole article before I wiped it.

I was actually genuinely upset to find that NickKnows had ceased trading. I bought from them before and was pleased with the deal and treatment I received. Look! - I even included them in my Other Links section to the right hand side [gone now, obviously]. I was frustrated to find that there was no explanation for the disappearing business - although there is no obligation to announce any reason, of course.

I still find the high asking price for the defunct domain names quite amusing. But maybe they got their price, in which case they are the happy ones. Beacon