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Sunday, 9 Jul 2006

I have one of these KVM switches from Belkin - full model description:-

Belkin F1DB104P OmniView E Series 4-Port KVM Switch PS/2 Platform

I experience a ridiculous problem when I have to power down my machines, or if - say - the power goes out. One of them consistently does not come back up with the mouse pointer working and it is not a problem if I run the PC with a dedicated mouse. To get a satisfactory connection I have to go through the whole connect-up procedure each time, scrabbling round the back of the PC unplugging and replugging cables.

Belkin admitted to me that there are certain "earthing" problems with these devices and sent me a bizarre workaround which required me to butcher a cable. Sod that!

The point of the KVM was to make my life easier not harder. This just makes me insanely cross. I'll never again buy a KVM switch from Belkin.

And I want you to know. Beacon