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Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006

Here's a copy of an email I have just sent through to NTL. Am I being unreasonably harsh?

++ begin ++

Responding to yet another flyer offering the amazing NTL sevices, I visited your web site to see what is available. I followed your link to find out if my location is serviced by your cable network but the only option I was led to was the "sign me up" wizard. Excuse me, but I do not wish to go through that whole process without knowing first what is available to me.

This marketing approach is unusable.

Why do you CONSTANTLY badger me with these insane money-wasting propositions?

Get your process right or stop writing to me.

Without respect,

-James Collett.
++ end ++

UPDATE 03 Oct 2006
It's been a week and guess what? - no reply nor even a response from NTL. Imagine my surprise.

UPDATE 11 Oct 2006
It's been another week and still no word from NTL. I'm sure they are just working through a backlog....

UPDATE 20 Oct 2006
Still no response. But they have sent me more junk mail encouraging me to join up to their Cable service.

UPDATE 23 Nov 2006
Still no response. But guess what! - yet more junk mail has arrived encouraging me to join up to their Cable service. Beacon