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Friday, 19 Dec 2014

Haiku for my daughter's 18th birthday party. In which I get to "baby sit" and monitor the noise levels.

A teenage party.
My gaff. My rules. If only.
Not like my teen years.

Friday, 5 Dec 2014

The man is gone but his music lives on. I grew up in awe of Gary Moore, specially this tune. I used to wish I could play guitar like him, as did probably almost all teenage boys, whether or not they actually played guitar. I did and I tried. I failed.

For some reason today as I chatted over music during lunch, this was my go-to piece to exemplify the music I like. It's not even like I spend a great deal of time listening to Moore's music these days. But I guess he and his music have lodged themselves a special groove in my heart and I find myself reminiscing just a little and feeling sad that the big man ain't here no more.

Gary Moore was no slouch when it came to his chops, but times move on and there are modern guitar players who you might say are superior to Gary Moore in terms of guitar technique... but I reckon there are not many players who can hold a candle to the way he could get his guitar to emote like it was a part of his voice.

They don't make them like they used to. They really don't.

Here's how I know:- Beacon