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Friday, 10 Jul 2020

This song broke through to a less-than-casual Bowie listener - that is, me when I was a youngster. It was ground-breaking music, and a mad video in, perhaps, the golden age of pop videos.

Original video:-


Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

It looks like Halle Berry managed to narrowly dodge a bullet last weekend.

Telegraph link

MSN link

"Surely, this is what you've been striving for: a culture that entirely rejects the notion of nuanced debate and giving the benefit of the doubt in favour of an assumption of bigotry at every available opportunity... There is so very little of left-wing politics left in this country that is progressive. We willingly handed over the principles of free speech and expression to right-wing bigots a long time ago. Big mistake. We have created a utopia that is censorious and ball-cringingly sensitive - a woke utopia that bullies people into silence and woe betide anyone who strays from the very narrow righteous path." Beacon