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Sunday, 6 Sep 2015 (Only #Computing and Internet)

During the relentless push from Microsoft to undertake the "free" upgrade, take a moment to consider the various peripherals that might no longer be compatible or supported with Windows 10. An example, I discovered to my irritation, is my Canon Selphy printer. See Canon UK's really empathic response to my dismay:-

Sunday, 15 Mar 2015 (Only #Computing and Internet)

How irritatingly shit is this?

Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 (Only #Computing and Internet)

Mentally preparing for the last work day of the week. Sometimes this is how it feels when I get into the office.

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2015 (Only #Computing and Internet)

Tuesday, 11 Nov 2014 (Only #Computing and Internet)

Do Microsoft want to succeed in the smartphone market? I think not.

There's an error code, reports of which are ubiquitous in web forums. Folks are unable to download and instal apps after upgrading from WP 8 to WP 8.1. The error code is 80073cf6, and it forms part of a loop of download despair, whereby a download gets so far ("finalising") then it hangs and there is a message suggesting you tap a link, after which you get the option to "try again". Rinse, lather, repeat.

This error has been reported for months on the various forums and I have found only goofy suggestions for a fix.

Some reports say that this is a problem just with Microsft apps, adding hilarity to the issue. In my case it's the Facebook app, practically the only app I use with any conviction. My phone has been draining the battery really fast of late. I though the battery was at its end of life. The man in the EE store said my Facebook app could be to blame and suggested I uninstall it for a day or two and compare the performance.

I'm not convinced much changed with the battery, so I decided to instal the Facebook app afresh. And I am locked out. Boom.

The Lumia phone is a Microsoft-badged device. The Windows Phone 8.1. is a Microsoft-badged OS. The Facebook app is a Microsoft badged app. Is it too much to expect them to would work together?