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Friday, 1 Apr 2005 (Only #Current Affairs)

From the Daily mail today:-

The Prince of Wales has shown a rare flash of anger in another PR blunder for the royal family. The Prince said "I hate doing this" and "Bloody people" as he faced the press on a skiing holiday a week before his wedding.

Actually I think the "rare" refers to the public airing of Prince Charles' feelings. My gut feeling is that he has not much except disdain for commoners and he manages by and large to hide it. That he hates the press is almost a necessary given.

Perhaps The House of Windsor is making a commemorative set of mis-steps concerning the forthcoming welding of Charles and Camilla. Collect the whole set!

Charles muttered the comments, which were picked up by microphones, as he posed for pictures with sons William and Harry in Klosters, Switzerland.

How long has he been in this job? Not long enough to do it professionally.
The Prince, who is to marry Camilla Parker Bowles on April 8, looked uncomfortable as he was asked about the forthcoming nuptials.

After being questioned about how he was feeling before the big day, he said: "I'm very glad you have heard of it."

To my mind this is a fine example of (i) a typically ungenerous spirit on the part of this member of the Royal Family - a trait he shares with Princess Anne - and (ii) a typically really rubbish sense of irony or sarcasm. If you're going to be sarcastic, make it good at least.

But then he muttered: "Bloody people."

Keep digging, old chum. You may eventually get to Australia. They love you down under. Beacon