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High cost of postage - Moleskine

A colleague has a notebook which is just the right unusual, non-standard, size, so I asked him where he got it. Turns out it's a "Moleskine" branded pad. So I visited their website to see what's available. After registering and checking out a few products I ended up contacting them through their online chat box.

Here's the conversation.

Chat InformationPer favore attendi che un operatore risponda.

Chat InformationSei ora in chat con 'Giannina'.

Giannina: Welcome on our chat service, how can I help you?
Lei: Can I check - do you folks really want £8 to ship a single notebook in the UK?
Giannina: the shipment cost is the one you see on the online store
Lei: Is that a "Yes"?
Giannina: Yes
Giannina: if is the price you see it means that is right
Lei: Good grief! That makes a £16.99 notebook cost £24.99. That prices me right out of the sale.
Lei: I'm intrigued whether you get much online business at prices like that!
Giannina: if you want you can do a claim by sending an email at
Lei: Do a claim? What is one of those?
Lei: What is there for me to claim?
Giannina: if you don't agree with our policy
Giannina: prices etc
Giannina: you can make a complaint by email
Lei: Oh - a complaint. I see. Okay. Thanks.
Giannina: you're welcome
Lei: I could try licking the Tower of Pisa to see if it will dissolve, too. Smile
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Giannina did not reply again. Beacon