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Roy Hattersley's Liberal Rhetoric

I have just enjoyed listening to Roy Hattersley and Kelvin Mackenzie going head to head in the argument over educational selection (Grammar Schools vs Secondary Moderns etc) on the "Any Questions" show on Radio 4. Each of them had some good points, made fairly unequivocally. Great radio.

But did I hear it right when the debate came to an end, with Roy Hattersley "proving his point" by essentially resorting to making a personal attack on Mr Mackenzie? One might have expected it to have been the other way round, given that Hattersley is supposedly the man of politics and debate while Mackenzie is the man of tabloid hysteria. But no.

I had thought that Roy Hattersley could not go lower in my estimation. He managed to today.

But then, I confess that I have long considered Hattersley to be an arrogant and overstated man, basking in the light of his own ego, so perhaps I should not be so surprised. Beacon