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Nik Kershaw - Already

It is my view that there is a deeply melancholic and emotionally ambivalent vein running through Nik Kershaw's songs.

Here is one that is - musically at least - a real relaxer; yet if you examine the lyrics the result is profound and convoluted. Happy and sad, content yet despairing, satisfied yet yearning, mundane but complex... All at the same time. Or to put it more succinctly: Wistful. Poignant. Yet Hopeful.

At least I think it is.

This song stirs me up. What does it do for you?

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Nik Kershaw - Already - Lyrics

There ain't no stopping this thing he's chasing
There ain't no stopping this runaway train he's on
He's wishing his wishes and missing his station
It's there one minute and the next
It's gone, gone, gone
Keeps on betting on winning this race
Don't see it looking him in his face

He's already there
He's already made it
He's already stolen the show
He just don't know

There ain't no stopping this rollercoaster
There ain't no jumping this merry-go-round she rides
You won't see this girl smelling these roses
You won't catch this girl showing this thorn she hides
A love bound mother and a dutiful wife
Well it's too much living and not enough life

She's already there
She's already made it
She's already stolen the show
She just don't know

And it'll never be right unless one of them sees
The proverbial wood from the proverbial trees

They're already there
They've already made it
They've already stolen the show
They just don't know

It's on the tip of my tongue
It's there and then it's gone
It's coming around again
It's just around this bend
It's over the horizon
It's right before my eyes
It's right beneath my feet, my feet

There ain't no stopping this thing we're chasing
There ain't no stopping this runaway train we're on Beacon