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USA: Glenn Greenwald resigns from his own publication due to censorship

I note there is some chatter about whether someone is a true American based on whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. I watch from the other side of the Pond. From the UK, it's seemed for a long time that there was little serious difference between Democrats and Republicans. How times have changed...! I am sure there was a time, not so long ago, when left-leaning/Democrat people and right-leaning/Republican people could both be called true Americans.

For example, wasn't John F Kennedy, who launched the triumphant American mission to the Moon, a true American and a Democrat? And wasn't Ronald Reagan, who despite being a controversial president nevertheless stood up to the Soviet Union and probably hastened its crumbling, a true American and a Republican?
Partisan politics in the USA appear to have become openly dirty. I suspect there are many "conservative" (small 'c') Democrats who are now struggling to identify with their party, seeing it getting infected with Marxist-inspired doctrines that are not traditionally popular in America. I would not be surprised if Glenn Greenwald ends up walking across the aisle to join the Republicans in the near future. Beacon