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Jessie J's Moonhead

I am sure that Jessie J did not intend it to be funny but for me it is: In the opening bars of her single, Price Tag, she calls out some bizarre lines:-

“Coconut Man, Moon Head, and Pea.”

It cracks me up every time. It's so "random", as the young people say. But I did start wondering, What the heck is she on about? Well, my mind is now put to rest and so can yours be, dear reader, if you were wanting to understand the significance, as I have fiound what appears to be the answer:-

Respect to

So apparrently:-

Yes she is shouting out to the two people who wrote the song with her, it's sort of a (not so) private joke!

Coconut Man = Dr Luke (apparently he ate a lot of coconuts and got them delivered to the studio all the time), Moonhead = Claude Kelly (she called him this because he has a big head) and Pea = herself!! (They called her Pea because she has a small head!) Beacon