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Friday, 1 Apr 2005

There's a new Question internet service provider that offers "Global Internet Access" yada yada...
Sign up for the world's premier global Internet roaming service powered by BouncingFish and iPass. Ideal for road warriors and businesses with mobile workers, global Internet roaming connects you to the Internet, email, and mission critical information � with a local call � throughout 150 countries* and thousands of locations worldwide.

There you go - looks fair enough. For some dashy-rashy corporate execs, this might even be a useful service.

But the name... I ask you... "Bouncing Fish" takes the concept of a meaningless name to a new level. It's just stupid and, dare I say it, a little too dot-com 1990s for me.

No... maybe I should just get aboard the bandwagon and start my own new company with a silly name. How about "Cartwheeling Donkey", "Dancing Peacock", "Capuccino Monkey" or "Fidgetting Squirrel"? Or even "Tinned Peach"? Or maybe just "Total Crap".

I despair sometimes, I really do.

Thursday, 31 Mar 2005

It's official. James has a blog - a place to dump my rantings. Beacon