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Saturday, 19 Sep 2015 (Only #Miscellany)

I think James Corden has one of the best jobs in the world. He got to hang out and sing with Stevie Wonder. Check it out!

He seems like a really decent guy. And notice the English accent that pulls out of the bag.

Saturday, 25 Apr 2015 (Only #Miscellany)

A month ago the RAC (underwritten by AVIVA) insured my daughter to drive my car as a learner driver. Now that she's passed her test, I've just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the RAC to find that the same insurance company won't insure her to drive the same car.


Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 (Only #Miscellany)

I've always been a bit of a late bloomer in life.

Friday, 19 Dec 2014 (Only #Miscellany)

Haiku for my daughter's 18th birthday party. In which I get to "baby sit" and monitor the noise levels.

A teenage party.
My gaff. My rules. If only.
Not like my teen years.

Sunday, 17 Aug 2014 (Only #Miscellany)

* How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks *

Damn. This article seems to nail it. Beacon