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Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006 (Only #Social)

Here's a copy of an email I have just sent through to NTL. Am I being unreasonably harsh?

++ begin ++

Responding to yet another flyer offering the amazing NTL sevices, I visited your web site to see what is available. I followed your link to find out if my location is serviced by your cable network but the only option I was led to was the "sign me up" wizard. Excuse me, but I do not wish to go through that whole process without knowing first what is available to me.

This marketing approach is unusable.

Why do you CONSTANTLY badger me with these insane money-wasting propositions?

Get your process right or stop writing to me.

Without respect,

-James Collett.
++ end ++

UPDATE 03 Oct 2006
It's been a week and guess what? - no reply nor even a response from NTL. Imagine my surprise.

UPDATE 11 Oct 2006
It's been another week and still no word from NTL. I'm sure they are just working through a backlog....

UPDATE 20 Oct 2006
Still no response. But they have sent me more junk mail encouraging me to join up to their Cable service.

UPDATE 23 Nov 2006
Still no response. But guess what! - yet more junk mail has arrived encouraging me to join up to their Cable service.

Monday, 30 Jan 2006 (Only #Social)


Ministers are considering plans to let adults appoint someone who could block life-sustaining treatment if they were too ill to do so themselves.
The Mental Capacity Act, which comes into force next year, gives people the chance to appoint someone who can instruct a doctor on their behalf.

Under plans to implement the act, they would need to indicate if this included powers to refuse life-sustaining care.

But critics have said the proposals amount to "back-door euthanasia".
Read the full BBC story, "New powers over death considered", here:-

I often wonder who the "critics" are, just as I often would like to meet the ubiquitous "they", who seem to be responsible for so much.

And it's easy for all and sundry to trot out the usual, tired exclamation of: "It's such-and-such-bad-thing by the back door!" And they often do.

But why on earth are these critics claiming that this proposal to allow "powers to refuse life-sustaining care" is euthanasia by the back door? It's clearly not. It's euthanasia crashing through your front garden in a sodding articulated lorry.

That's what it is.

Friday, 3 Jun 2005 (Only #Social)

I have been researching camcorders on the internet and I recently sent an inquiry through the "Contact Us" form at an online electrical retailer, namely

I sent this through over the Bank Holiday weekend break, on the Monday just passed. Even though the main page advertised that the shop was open for business, I did not expect a reply straight away. Yesterday (Thursday) I decided that I was now officially cross not to have received a reply and told them so, again using the same contact form on their website. I got a reply this morning, which included this:-

I am sorry but we appear not to of received any previous email from you. We
do try to answer every mail from customers and potential customers.

Argh, now they've put me in a spot. I cannot continue to be upset about the delay - mistakes happen and they've apologised - but now I have to decide if I am more enraged by the non-clause in the first sentence?

"We appear not to of received any previous email from you." What?

Thank you, Shirley Williams; thank you, Tony Bliar.

It's an outrage! People these days don't know their verbs from their nouns. I should coco.

Thursday, 7 Apr 2005 (Only #Social)

If people are being beaten up in the backstreets, should we establish clinics where they can be attacked in hygienic conditions? Beacon